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AURA JUNGLE Camping Tour

Relaxing in the peaceful environment of the beach side camps and in the woods camps, far from the city is an experience which calms the deepest senses. Camping is tons & tons of fun set in the forest along the riverside. Activities like bonn fire, jungle walks, group games, beach games etc. are the peak of enjoyment.

We at Hills & Holidays, actively promote the concept of camping and adventure travel, about the need and importance of small breaks in life. We carefully select the settings of our camps in the foothills of Himalayas. So choose your favourite camp here.

Winter Camping Tours
Winter camping tours are very adventurous and require a lot of guts to undertake such tours. Generally in such tours, people travel to high altitude places where they camp. It is one of the most thrilling and adventurous type of camping tour. Winter camping tour is mostly preferred by young people as it requires at lot of strength & determination.

Family Camping Tours
As the name suggest, this tours are specially organized for families. This tours acts as a perfect medium in bringing parents closer to their kids and vice versa. In these tours only families are allowed to participate. The best spot for family camping is by a river side as such places offer a huge amount of fun & adventures. The family can go for river rafting, where each and every member of the family can take part.